Open data coupled with a variety of tools offers scope for visualization that would have been unthinkable even a few years ago. Pivot tables in spreadsheets and static charts as means of looking at data can now easily be replaced with means far more colourful, interactive and dynamic.

This website is an evolving concept rather than a finished product; more data and charts will be added as opportunity permits over the coming months. The data that’s been used to create the simple visualizations to date has been taken from a spreadsheet available on the Welsh Government website together with Boundary Line data from the Ordnance Survey, converted and reduced in resolution using QGIS/GDAL.

A couple of interactive maps are available here giving some data on the Demographics and Economy of Wales. There are also pages that show summary data for a range of statistics which can be ordered by constituency, region or value. Colour gradients are from colorbrewer2.org.

All feedback and suggestions appreciated; send to mm [at] mmlimited [dot] co [dot] uk.